Small Business Insurance in Canada from the Johnston Group Benefit Services

Small Business Insurance in Canada from the Johnston Group

The Johnston Group was founded in Winnipeg in 1965 and has grown to become one of Canada’s leading group insurance administrators of benefit plans and packages. Our long experience in developing group benefit services means our knowledgable staff can provide instant, group & employee benefit information to help speed transactions.

In 1985, the Johnston group broadened its focus from insurance consulting to the administration of a wide variety of benefit packages: dental plans, prescription drugs, vision care, etc. Now we are one of the leading members of the Canadian group benefit insurance community, with over 100 million dollars of annualized premiums. Representing over 20 000 Canadian firms, we provide coverage for some of Canada’s biggest household names.

It is our experience that gives our representatives the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision. Call one of our 500 knowledgeable, licensed agents from across the country and discover how we can help speed the insurance claims process, which can take so long with other traditional insurers.

Quick service and attention to detail are our trademarks. Call us today.