Advantages to Third Party Administrator Insurance Claims for Small Business Owners

Third Party Administrator Insurance Claims – The Advantages

What are the advantages to using a third party to administer the group benefit services for your small business?

EXPERTISE – As a small business owner, insurance is not your field of expertise, but it is ours. With decades of experience behind us, we have the knowledgeable staff to help you make quick, cost effective decisions.

EXPENSE – For certain benefit plans, like medical insurance for self employed business owners, the cost of hiring a third party administrator can be significantly less than directly paying an insurance company. You control your money rather than the insurance companies.

EASE OF ADMINISTRATION – Finding medical insurance for small business owners is only one part of our overall coverage package. Our licensed agents are able to help with every aspect of the administration of your health benefits package.

So, whether you are self employed and the only person in the company or have a staff of up to twenty five people, you should think first of the Johnston Group when you start looking for insurance coverage. Third party administration can save you money now.