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Johnston Group Inc. provides employee benefit solutions to more than 30,000 businesses and their employees.

The efficient manner in which claims are handled, sure makes life easier.


Willowdale, Ontario
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Entrepreneurs / Businesses - small or large / Associations
National retail and service organizations / Insurance companies

They’re all Johnston Group customers - over 28,000 of them. With more than 130,000 employees and their family members covered.

If you’re looking for a benefit plan solution for your organization, check these options!

Employee benefit solution for small to medium businesses

(1-50 employees)
  • No Industry Restrictions
  • Guaranteed coverage
  • Rate Stability
  • Outstanding service
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Employee benefit solution for larger businesses

(25+ employees)
  • Plan Flexibility
  • Lower Administration Costs
  • Self-funded Benefit Options
  • Control over Your Benefit Program
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Canadian payroll services

  • Fast, flexible & efficient on-line payroll service
  • Helpful professional advice
  • Personalized customer support
  • Payroll and benefits integration with Johnston Group
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Employee benefit administration for consulting organizations and insurance companies

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